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Margaret replied to turtlelover's discussion Neanderthal Brain Organization
"Neanderthals died out.  We have common (presumably african) ancestors with the Neanderthals and I am assuming we share genes (as we do with chimpanzees) but humans are not descended directly from them.  Scientests got some DNA from a thigh…"
2 hours ago
cyn replied to cyn's discussion The Gift and the Curse of Audiobooks
"Thats great Margaret!! I didn't even know what Magna really was so I looked it up sounds interesting. And I too, find it easier to read on the computer or iPad than a printed copy.  Learning Ally is also working on incorporating PDF files…"
3 hours ago
Margaret replied to cyn's discussion The Gift and the Curse of Audiobooks
"My 11 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with dyslexia.  We have been getting audiobooks from the library and now from Learning Ally.  It has been wonderful as her appetite for stories far exceeds her ability to read them.  I…"
3 hours ago
Rose replied to ROD's discussion Writing and visual manipulation of words.
6 hours ago

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